Lululemon Pleated Shoulder Bag- A perfect bag for regular use.

The Lululemon pleated shoulder bag is one of the best shoulder bag for any fashion forward women. This shoulder bag is perfect specially for everyday use. The bag is super soft and it’s pleated design gives you a luxurious feels.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss about this beautiful Lululemon pleated shoulder bag, it’s design and features. If you’re looking for a perfect everyday shoulder bag, then this bag is one of the best choice for you.

Design of this Lululemon pleated shoulder bag:

Lululemon pleated shoulder bag

The bag is really feels soft and has a nice pleated design, which gives it more stylish and beautiful look. This Lululemon pleated shoulder bag has beautiful kind of like hobo style design. On the back, you will notice it has a good visible pleated detail.

This shoulder bag is made out of nylon and waterproof fabric. It is lightweight and durable. This lululemon shoulder bag comes with a medium size. This is neither to bulky nor to small. But fits all your daily essentials inside the bag. With a beautiful u-shaped silhouette, it is such a nice handbag.

Features and it’s compartment:

First of all, lets talk about the shoulder strap of this pleated bag. The shoulder strap is very comfortable. It’s soft and thick. The strap has a little bit of stretch. It has a nice drop lenght. The good thing is that it’s not a slippery fabric.

Lululemon pleated bag

It always stays on your shoulder. You will not feel any type of pain while wearing this bag. Because the strap provide you a little bit of cushion. It will not digging into your shoulder. when you’re wearing this for a long period of time, it will be still comfortable to wear.

But keep in mind that this lululemon pleated shoulder bag doesn’t have a crossbody strap option. You can’t wear this bag as a crossbody bag, because it is short to wear as a crossbody bag. You can only carry this bag as a classic standard shoulder bag.

Now, let’s talk about the pockets and compartment. On the front side of the bag, It has a big zipper pocket. You will notice that it covers all the way across the whole bag. so it’s such a big pocket. Inside this side pocket, there is another tiny pocket. Again which is good for holding your smaller items like your smartphone, keys and charger etc.

Lululemon shoulder bag

The main pocket is so spacious. It can hold all your daily essentials. You can easily carry a water bottle, purse or wallet, a book and other smaller stuff in its main compartment. This lululemon pleated bag comes with double zipper for the main pocket. There is also another smaller pocket which allows you stay organized and easily accessible for your essentials.

The bag is not bulky. It is easy to carry. when you put all your essentials inside the bag, it’s shape becomes like a medium crescent style bag. It is beautiful and a nice mom bag. It can be your perfect companion for your daily life. You can also use the bag as a travel bag.

Overall, If you’re looking for a pleated design women shoulder bag for regular use, then we recommend you to checking out this beautiful Lululemon pleated shoulder bag.

This bag is also easy to clean. If you find any dirty spot, then just take a soft towel and gently give it a little wipe.

This Lululemon pleated shoulder bag comes with different color options like Black, Grey Sage and Lilac Ether etc. The current price of this bag is around $88 on lululemon’s official website.

Product description:

Brand: Lululemon.

Product name: Lululemon pleated shoulder bag.

Category: Women’s shoulder bag.

Color: Available on different color options like black, grey sage and lilac ether etc.

Features:  Multiple pockets and compartment, double zippered main pocket, hidden pockets etc.


1. What material is this Lululemon pleated shoulder bag made of?

This lululemon shoulder bag is made out of nylon. Also there is some water repellent fabric is used in this bag.

2. What is the actual size of this Lululemon pleated bag?

This shoulder bag is the size of 10 L. It’s a medium size bag and you can carry all your everyday important staff.

3. Is the shoulder strap of this bag comfortable?

Yes, the shoulder strap of the bag is comfortable. It’s also little amount of stretch so that you can comfortable wear this bag.

4. Can I wear this Lululemon pleated shoulder bag as a crossbody bag?

No. It is short to wear it as a crossbody bag. You can’t wear this bag as a crossbody bag.

5. Can I use this bag as a regular bag?

Yes, You can use it as your everyday bag.